5 Great Reasons To Start Your Own Business Now

FGF 5 Great Reasons To Start Your Own Business NowThe concept of starting your own business can be an intimidating one. The fear of failure, funding start up costs, and many other reasons probably come to mind why NOT to start one. Actually, there is also a long list of great reasons TO start one, and now could be the perfect time to do it. I currently work a regular job, and have two of my own businesses that I run on the side. My days are full, but I still have plenty of time for my friends and family. As one who put off the idea of starting my own business for far too long, I thought it might be helpful to outline for you some of the best reasons that I see why now is a great time for you to start your own business:

The Economy

You would think this would be a reason not to start one, however, I would disagree. Sure, the economy is down right now. Some say we’re coming back up, some say we still have a ways to go. This is exactly the time to get fantastic prices on just about any supplies you may need to start off. Everything from computers to office supplies to the specific equipment needed for your particular business can probably be purchased very economically. This goes for affordable office space as well.

Job Security

Starting your own business now can also provide a safety net, or a hedge, against this struggling economy. About 18 months ago, there were some nervous moments at my job. Eventually, I had to take about a 33% pay cut. Today, with my two side businesses producing consistent incomes, this fear is gone from my mind. Sure, I‘d have some rough moments if I were to lost that job tomorrow, but it would be a lot worse had I not had these other sources of income.

Because You Can

Fear and intimidation were the biggest things standing in the way of myself and my new ventures. How do I start? What if I fail? What if I lose money? What will my family think if I fail? What if I’m no good?

Guess what? You can do it! Every single one of us has a talent that we possess. Everybody. You just need to identify it and be able to turn it into something that other people are willing to pay you money for. Of course, it’s not that easy, but it’s a fantastic place to start.

Generate Income Without Taking A Second Job

For months when the economy started to slide, I considered taking a second job. But, to do that, I’d have to find one, get hired, buy new clothes, drive there, my personal life would be affected, and a million other things. Starting your own business allows you to generate more income for yourself without doing all of that. Depending on what it is, you can do most if not all of the work from home. You can set your own hours, proceed at your own pace, and never have to worry about having another boss.

Realize “The Dream”

For me, if both of my side businesses took off and I could live comfortably from their income alone, that would be great. But do you know what would be heaven for me? Never having to go to work again. Never having another boss, never having to worry about the stress and pressure of my job (unless I decided to), never having to work “a schedule” again, and being able to spend every minute that I possibly could with my family. You simply cannot put a price tag on these possibilities.

Summing up, you can be successful at your own business, and there is no time like the present. Instead of using the economy as an excuse, use it to motivate you. Find your passion, develop and market it, and soon you’ll find that fluctuations in the economy will have a much smaller affect on your wallet, and one day you may wake up never having to go to work again.

Have you recently started your own business? Thinking of starting one? Please share your thoughts below.

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