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Focus groups are in many types

online-fgInternet has taken the world under their control in many aspects and marketing world, but it plays a vital role in these days. Through the Internet, the marketing people get feedback information on their products and services. An online focus group is the group of people who give honest feedback about the research . A focus group is a qualitative research, through which they are asked a number of people about opinion towards a product or service, concept or idea, advertising and packaging.

A market research through online discussion groups acts as an important tool to obtain information about new products and other subjects as well. In earlier days the focus groups is known as traditional focus groups. When people meet in person, they are screened before entering the group. Usually, they are about six to ten members of a group with a moderator and sessions last more than one to two hours. As the discussion is not structured, the moderator encourages the group to come to their own ideas and thoughts. A video camera records the complete analysis for future reference. Focus groups are in many types and are:

Two groups in this Focus - In this regard, a wrist band and a group of focus discuss.

Dual Focus group moderator - a moderator will help in the progress of the session without problems and the other will be if all the issues have been covered.

Dueling moderator focus group - two moderators take opposing positions in the debate on purpose.

Respondent moderator focus groups - Sometimes, one or more participants in the group will be asked to act as the moderator temporarily.

Customer focus groups participants - Sometimes customers as representatives participate in the discussion, either secretly or openly.

Mini focus groups - The minimum number of members is available on the discussion.

Teleconference focus groups - Group members discuss the issue via conference call.

Online Focus Groups - Group members interact via computer and Internet.

Today this is done over the Internet with the advent of the Internet, where the response will be immediate. The online discussion group will be a real-time interaction within the group of people. Overall, the group is composed of eight to ten participants and a moderator will be available to them. Through such groups, travel expenses and time can be avoided. They are much faster compared to traditional groups.

But online focus groups have some disadvantages:

The researcher has less control over the group, so that time is wasted due to irrelevant questions on the subject.

Moderators must be highly trained.

Groups can be very variable and it is difficult for them to get together.

Due to the minimum number of members of a group, the figure does not represent the entire population.

Although the online discussion groups have some disadvantages, which help companies in their market research. Some companies do market research through online discussion groups as they explore their thoughts and ideas, creative stimulation in the decision about the product a reality check on the proposed road, get to know more about thoughts that help customers respond better. Thus, online discussion groups helps the company in many ways.

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