Frequently Asked Questions

What are focus groups?

Focus groups are paneled study research specifically use Qualitative. If you are invited to join a discussion group, questions are asked to discuss about a product, service or brand in a group setting.

While focus groups are not as convenient as online paid surveys by the fact that you have to go to a place, they are paid by the hour and pay ranges from $ 50 to $ 150 per hour and also give away free product samples.

How focus groups can help a company?

Focus groups are generally used during the final stages of product development. If the company uses paid surveys for market research, the product has been developed is the result of information obtained from these surveys.

Before the company spend money on mass producing a product and send it to the stores, they want to see how consumers like you respond to it.

If you participate in a paid focus group, you will ask what is your opinion on different aspects of a product, The company will want to know if consumers like the design of the packaging or the product concept itself. Many involve focus groups provide participants with product samples.

My personal information I have provided is protected?

All personal information we receive from our members or subscribers, included survey responses, is strictly confidential. Never give or sell any personal information to third parties.

Sharing of your survey answers with clients anonymously, that sheared information will never identify or be linked to your personal information.

If you want to know more about, please read our Privacy Policy on the website Focus Groups Finder.

In what terms is based Focus Groups Finder relationship and its members or subscribers?

The relationship between Focus Groups Finder and members or subscribers of the Focus Groups Finder is clearly detailed in the article of Privacy Policy.

By what means do I contact you?

We will contact you by means detailed in our Privacy Policy. We will contact you by e-mail. You can always clearly identify our communications. The emails will be clearly identified as Focus Groups Finder.

Who is Focus Groups Finder?

Focus Groups Finder is a leading search firm focusing on focus group, surveys and research based paid studies. Focus Groups Finder works with respected market research agencies and manufacturers to help them better understand their consumers to get opinions from people like you.

How I can communicate with Focus Groups Finder?

If you have any questions about any aspect of our service or if you would like to make a suggestion that would help us improve our service, please contact us.

How I can register with Focus Groups Finder?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a members or subscribers of our newsletter. To signup or subscribe please visit our subscription page to fill in the subscription form. Once you subscribe, we will send you a confirmation email. You'll have to click on the link inside the email to activate your account.

How I can Unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe any time by clicking Unsubscribe link at bottom of newsletter you received from Focus Groups Finder.

Why the survey is closed?

Most of our surveys are open for a few days. However, some surveys are more popular than others and close quickly.

We try to limit the number of panelists who invite guests to have a fair chance to respond to the survey. We cannot always know in advance how many respondents will have each survey and sometimes surveys unexpectedly close so fast.

Why not get invitations?

Your chance to be invited to a survey depends on a number of factors, such as the number and type of surveys we are doing, and your profile.

I write whenever there is a new survey or Current Topic to respond. Please add our email address focus [@] to your contact list so that our invitations are not routed to your spam folder.

Why I do not qualify for the survey?

We try to ask your gender, age, place of residence etc. at the start of each survey because surveys are aimed at different groups of people. Sometimes you cannot qualify for a survey demographics or because you have the necessary habits. We try to make these kinds of questions in the beginning of the survey to determine if you qualify for it.

Why I cannot open the polls?

Please note that not all ISPs allow users to click on links within an email. If you have problems accessing the online survey, please try the following:

Copy and paste the URL, which is provided in the bottom of the invitation, in a new browser window, in this way you have to be redirected to the correct page.

Make sure you copy the entire link as sometimes a link consisting of 2 lines.

When you copy the link, see if there are spaces between the lines, as this will make the link does not work.

Where I can find surveys?

Once you have become a members or subscribers of Focus Groups Finder, you will be immediately eligible to receive invitations to participate in survey research.

Generally speaking, when we get a survey where the customer wants to hear the views of someone in your city, for example, you will be selected to receive an invitation. And then we have to have a little luck to be one of those hundreds of people to be invited to participate.

How long to complete a survey?

The survey duration can vary, but typically takes less than 15-20 minutes to complete a survey. The time to complete the survey as well as the due date therefor shall be stated in the invitation.

How I can be invited to take part in surveys?

Once you've become a member or subscriber of Focus Groups Finder, you will be immediately eligible to be invited to take part in surveys.

Usually, when one of our customers want to know the views and opinions of someone who, for example, live in your own home, you become a candidate to be invited to this survey.

Please read our Privacy Policy regarding invitations to take part in surveys we sent to members.