Paid Online Focus Group on Technology ($165)

We are looking for men and women NATIONWIDE between the ages 18 and 54 to participate in a study on Technology.

Paid Online Research Journaling Study ($500)

A Fortune 100 company is looking for Retirees (65-75) to participate in a Paid ($500) 1-week journaling study...

Paid Online Focus Group on Agriculture ($125)

We are looking for individuals to participate on an online group discussion on Aug 25th about technology for the agriculture industry...

  • Age & Sex: M/F 18-35
  • Area: Illinois
  • Expire: Recurring

Paid Focus Group on Daily Smokers ($50)

Healthy male and female participants to participate in a paid research study examining the effects of different tasks (i.e. eating, drinking, smoking, talking, etc.) on mood response.

  • Age & Sex: M/F 25-65
  • Area: Nationwide
  • Expire: 29 August 15

Pain Research Study on Low Back ($250)

We’re looking for men and women between the ages of 25-65 who suffer from chronic low back pain to participate...

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