• Price: $2100
  • Area: Nationwide
  • Posted: 26 July 13
  • Expire: Recurring
  • Age & Sex: M/F 18-65


Period:  27 Visits

Key Suitability Criteria

  • No Smoker, 18 years to 65years of age, No earlier allergy to any lotions, creams, or topical agents that go on skin, must agree to follow very study limits

Medicinal Screening Timetable:

  • July 24th – 27th 8:30am – 3:00pm
  • July 29th – August 2nd 8:30am – 3pm
  • August 5th – 10th  8:30am – 3pm

Study Days
Topics are necessary to come to our clinic each day opening Tuesday August 20th – Tuesday September 10th at the same time every day (a.m. or p.m.)  (22 appointments)

Topics will be necessary to come back to clinic for TOTALLY the following times:

  • Tuesday, September 24th
  • Thursday, September 26th
  • Friday, September 27th
  • Saturday, September 28th
  • Sunday, September 29th

Reward: $2,100 upon successful study end

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