• Price: $50AU
  • Area: Nationwide
  • Posted: 07 August 13
  • Expire: Recurring
  • Age & Sex: M/F 18+


You are invited to participate in the research project of Dianna Bartsch, a PhD Candidate at the University of Adelaide in Australia. This study is targeted at individuals who are 18 years and older, who have a past or present diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and who are parents of at least one child aged between four and seventeen years of age.

What is the research about?
You are asked to participate in an online questionnaire that asks questions about parenting attitudes and behaviours. The purpose of this study is to explore whether symptoms of borderline personality disorder impact on parenting attitudes and behaviours, and to identify protective factors that determine healthy family functioning.

Why is the research being done?
This research is being conducted as there has been an observable gap in services when it comes to linking parents with a diagnosis of BPD with appropriate parenting supports that are sensitive to the needs of parents with this diagnosis. Through an increased understanding of the parenting concerns faced by individuals with this diagnosis, researchers can focus on developing appropriate parenting interventions to improve functioning in families that may present to services in distress.

What will I be asked to do?
You will be asked to answer some questions about your mental health, general parenting attitudes and an observation of behaviours for each child in your family aged between 4 and 17 years of age. You will also be asked to complete some general demographic information about yourself and family composition, but you will not be asked to provide any specific identifying information about yourself or your children.

Participation in any research project is voluntary. If you do not wish to take part, you are not obliged to. If you decide to take part and later change your mind, you are free to withdraw from the project at any stage without providing a reason. You may wish to first speak to a carer or support person to about your decision to participate.

How long will my participation in the study last?
The length of your participation is limited to how long it takes you to complete the questionnaire. This may vary depending on the size of your family. In general, it is recommended that you put aside at least 60 minutes to complete the full questionnaire. The online questionnaire will also allow you to exit the survey and return at a later time to complete it if necessary (Please note that if you plan to return to the survey at a later date, you MUST ensure that you use the same computer and browser as the previous time. You MUST also have cookies enabled on your computer. If your browser is set to dump cookies each time is is closed, the cookies will be refreshed and a new blank survey will open when you return).

What if I don’t have access to the internet?
If you do not have access to the internet you may contact the researcher to send you out a hard copy of the questionnaire and a self-addressed postage paid envelope. The questionnaire can then be sent back to the researcher via local post.

How will my confidentiality be protected – will the information and results be de-identified?
The information collected will be confidential and only accessible by the researchers. You will not be asked to include any specific identifying information such as your name on any written information provided. No identifying information will be reported in the final results of the study. On completion of the research, de-identified data will be archived by the University of Adelaide for a period of 15 years.

Will I be paid for my participation?
Participants who complete the questionnaire can choose to go into the draw to win one of five Amazon.com gift cards valued at $50AU (a suitable alternative may be arranged for those who don’t have internet access). Those who wish to participate in the draw will be asked to leave a name (first name only) and contact details at the end of the questionnaire. These details will be immediately detached from the main questionnaire and stored separately, to maintain confidentiality.

What should I do if I were to feel severe discomfort or distress?
Sometimes talking about difficult topics can lead to feelings of distress. If you feel distressed by the questionnaire, you are encouraged to link in with an individual therapist or counsellor to discuss the issues in detail during therapy. If you do not have an individual therapist and you are feeling very distressed, that you are encouraged to contact your local mental health crisis team for support. A list of counselling/crisis support services will be provided at the end of the questionnaire.

Is there any chance that the proposed research will be of benefit to me personally, or to future patients with the same condition?
It is hoped that the information collected will inform the future development of a parenting program specifically designed to benefit parents with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. However, the timeframe for this will be contingent on accessing appropriate funding and support.

Will I be informed about the results of the study?
You may request a summary of the final outcomes of the study which will be available at a later date.

This study has the approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Adelaide. If you wish to discuss with an independent person matters related to:

making a complaint, or
raising concerns on the conduct of the project, or
your rights as a participant, or
should you wish to make a confidential complaint

You may contact the following:
University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee’s Secretariat on phone +61 08 8313 6028 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also contact myself or my supervisor, Dr Rachel Roberts by phone on +61 08 8313 5338 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for further information if required.

Kind Regards,

Dianna Bartsch, M. Psych (Clinical), MAPS
PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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